Inspired by the Ham Radio Workbench podcast bunch, here are a number of projects that are on my workbench. Really, some of these are aspirational. And some aren’t really things that go on a workbench.


With the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse on the horizon, I’m working on two citizen science projects:

  • A weak signal propagation reporter (WSPR) station to provide data to the HamSCI team about changes in atmospheric propagation during the eclipse. I will likely put my home station on the air. Whether I put a portable station, depends on weather conditions close to the eclipse.

HamSCI Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science (FoEIS) logo
  • A portable radio telescope from the Radio JOVE project that I will deploy to help this group study the Sun and Jupiter. I’m planning to make this radio telescope portable, so that I can bring it to the Black Forest Star Party in September 2024.

Remote operations

The ICOM IC-7300 connects via USB to the Acer laptop for logging and digital modes. This unfortunately precludes the use of the service. That service requires that the rig be connected to a Raspberry Pi via USB. So, I want to get a USB/printer switch so that I can decide whether to control the rig remotely via or use it locally.

Modes and skills

Morse code

I took the first two CWOps courses in Spring 2020, but I have only made two CW contacts. I’m slow to copy, and it’s hard, and so I’ve gotten discouraged.

But I haven’t given up.

Satellite operations

The addition of the new IC-9700 makes satellite operations a new frontier to explore.

Station enhancements


I was experimenting with NodeRed in the Winter of 2022-23, but have taken my server offline temporarily.


I plan to install a new/improved Earth ground for my electrical service. Once that is done, then I will tie my RF/antenna ground to it.


W3E/N3S Middle of Nowhere

My friend K3YV has noted that the geographic center of Pennsylvania is close to State College. One day soon, we plan to activate that location with a special event station.

Geographic centerpoint of PA