MyAntennas 75-10 End-fed Half-wave (EFHW) 2K plus

MyAntennas 75-10m End-fed Half-wave 2K plus antenna

I bought this antenna in the summer of 2022. This antenna is mounted in an inverted L configuration. The leg with the transformer is mounted at about 6 m on a mast near the corner of my back porch. The antenna crosses the yard to an apex about 15 m below a branch in a tree, then comes down to a base mounting point about 3 m above the ground.

This connects to the Antenna 1 input on the SPE Expert Linear 1K amplifier.

DX Commander vertical

I bought this antenna in 2021.

This antenna has resonant elements for 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 m. It is mounted in my backyard.

This connects to the Antenna 2 input on the SPE Expert Linear 1K amplifier.

I use the amplifier to switch between the two antennas.


This antenna is mounted on an extendable fiberglass mast. The EFHW transformer for the HF antenna above is mounted below it.

VHF/UHF J-pole

This antenna provides input to my W3TM-11 APRS I-Gate.

Magnetic Loop

W6LVP magnetic loop antenna

I have a W6LVP receive-only magnetic loop installed indoors. I bought this antenna used.

Paradan Dual Antenna Disconnector

The EFHW 75-10 and the DX Commander are connected to an automatic disconnect actuator by Paradan. This is not the same as air-gapping the antennas, but it does give some additional protection. The unit grounds both antennas when the power to the Flex or IC-7300 is shut off.

A workbench project is to buy a second one of these units for the VHF/UHF antennas.


My first antenna was a doublet cut to a length that fit in my backyard, just shy of the length needed for resonant operation on 75 m.

This antenna is currently out of service.

HyPower 20m/40m fan dipole

This antenna is currently out of service.


I have antennas mounted on both of our vehicles.


SOTAbeams Bandhopper 80/40/30/20 Linked Dipole

SOTAbeams Bandhopper 80/40/30/20m Linked Dipole

Chameleon Tactical Delta Loop

Chameleon Antennas Tactical Delta Loop (CHA TDL)

This antenna is also known as CHA TDL. I have the parts in a tripod bag I bought on Amazon.

Chameleon Antennas Modular Portable Antenna System Lite

I also have the Lite version of the CHA MPAS System.

PackTenna EFHW

I have a Packtenna EFHW cut for 20 m. This is a QRP-only antenna.

End-fed Random Wire

I have a ~10 m random wire and a counterpoise of similar length. These have spade connectors that connect to an LDG RU-9:1 Unun.

This antenna is normally part of my set of portable wire antennas, but as of r Sys.Date(), I have installed this antenna on my back porch so that I can use the Elecraft KX2 and Yaesu FRG-7 out there.

\(M^2\) SATPACK1

As of August 2023, I have acquired a SATPACK1, VHF and UHF antenna set for satellite work. The antenna is still under construction and undergoing testing. My intention is to use it for portable satellite operations or for a longer-term deployment during the winter. The extensive tree cover in and around my yard makes satellite contacts during the leafy months (April-October) almost impossible.

Alaskan Arrow antenna

I have the “Alaskan” version of the dual band (VHF/UHF) Arrow antenna. Mine has the split beam for easier transport and the built-in diplexer.

I have assembled this antenna but have not yet gotten it on the air. It’s really a beast to manipulate by hand, and I am still working on a way to physically support it using a tripod or other means.

If I can solve that problem, I would like to pair this with my Kenwood TH-72A for some FM satellite work.